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This is the SCRIPT  for the first boy:

Part 1:

We love you very much and want you to be happy. We want to protect you from harm; we want to reassure you when you have fears. You were such a cute baby, and Mommy was so happy to see you and hold you after you were born. You have been a great treasure, and your family has been enriched by your presence.. 

Part 2:

We are worried because you have this unusual fear of something on TV.  We do not understand why you should be afraid, so if you can tell us what upsets you, we can help you more. You appear so terrified of certain things on TV and it disturbs us to see you this way.

Part 3:

Everything there is just a show.  The TV is not real life.  What you see are just words and pictures. If there is anything scary there that you remember from when you were little, it is not there now.  Nothing will harm you.

Part 4: 

Remember, we love you and will protect you.  We cannot allow anyone or anything to hurt you.  

WhileChildrenSleep --  Sample Scripts

His mother talked to him three or four times, then she noticed that he seemed not to be afraid of the credits nor of black and white stuff on the TV anymore. That behavior had disappeared by the time they came back to the office weeks later.
This is the Script for the boy with the Autistic Sspectrum Disorder:

Part 1:  
Charlie, we love you very much and are worried about you.  We are sorry that you lost your mother when you were very young.  I'm sorry that I am the only one you have for now, aside from your Nanny who is also your friend. I look at you when you are sleeping, and I feel a mixture of overwhelming love and regret.

Part 2:
I am exasperated that you only eat French fries and guavas, and that you refuse everything we give you.  I know that this is part of your disorder, but I am hard put to find a solution to this eating problem.  I had hoped that as you grew older, you would at least try other things, but you refuse to. 
I worry that you will become even more malnourished and show even more problematic behavior.

Part 3:
Please understand that we are doing the best that we know how to help you, with your school and your doctor pitching in.  Please help us by at least trying some of the food we offer; you might taste something you like.  We are sorry for having forced you to eat in the past, or for being upset with you or shouting at you.  We really just want to help because we care about you.

Part 4
You are such a nice-looking boy and we are hoping that good nutrition will make you look even better, perhaps even behave better. I love you and I know you love me in your own way.  I will not abandon you despite our problems,  Do not worry about not having anyone to take care of you.  I promise to do that as long as I can............


I saw this boy two years later.  He was quite goodlooking and healthy then. When I commented that he seemed to have grown well on just fries and guavas, the relative said that he would eat pasta or omelets when offered, although it was still a struggle. But she did continue to talk to him when he was asleep since that seemed to be what made the difference.
The child afraid of rain was provided this script:

Part 1:

Baby, we love you very much.  You are the best thing that happened to us.  Mommy had all sorts of fears when she was pregnant, but that is because I was really that way - nervous and fearful.  I am worried now that you may have absorbed some of my fears. 

Part 2:

We are worried because you are afraid of rain.  We don't know why you have this fear.  Maybe it's the noise, or maybe it just feels lonely in the house because the rain drowns out our usual sounds.  Whatever it is that sends you screaming or jittery, we hope to help you get over that.

Part 3:

Rain is just God's way of bringing water from the atmosphere to the earth.  It washes away dust and dirt and brings water to the thirsty plants.  It can wash away other things and when it comes with a strong wind it can sometimes bring problems, but the usual rain you hear is natural and normal to this world.

Part 4:

We love you and can't stand to see you so afraid.  Remember, Mommy will not let anything happen to you, whether there is rain or not.  We will protect you, we will keep you safe and warm.  We love you and give you this promise............


I forgot about the whole thing, until one clinic visit, when the mother said :  You know that typhoon that came last month? and I said Yes, puzzled with the question.  She said : Well, she wasn't upset at all with it!  She seemed not to be afraid of rain and thunder anymore.............
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